WEBGIO, Inc is a privately held company that specializes in custom web site design, web development and business consulting for small businesses.

We are easily accessible and work closely with our clients to find the best solutions for your needs within a budget that works for you.  Our highest priority is you, your business, your customers, and your project.

Additionally, there are some big advantages to being a small web design firm. We can provide a higher level of availability and communication than a larger web design firm. Our clients will never have to fill out a service request or go through special channels in order to ask for a quick change on the site as we work. Our process is extremely collaborative, and this varies from project to project. Contact us today!

Robert Ruggio
Project Manager & Sr. Web Developer

In 1999, snowboarding and golf took a backseat to Bob’s newest passion of web site design and web development. While working full-time in IT and Project Management in the Medical and Energy industries, Bob’s evenings consisted of hanging out at Borders (RIP) studying code, drinking Jamba Juice, and collaborating on projects via the internet with developers having similar interests. He learned early on that the internet was a tool that could help normal people make big things happen.

Soon this became more than a hobby and Bob founded WEBGIO, with the goal of specializing in web design, web development, project management and business consulting. Through word of mouth, WEBGIO built its customer base and in 2011, became a successful full-time endeavor for Bob. He's managed a range of projects including everything from simple web site improvement projects to complex multi-year, multi-site, international, and multi-million dollar capital projects.

When not working at WEBGIO, you’ll find Bob volunteering coaching youth sports, spending time with his amazing family, and teaching MBA Project Management courses at the State University of New York.

Joe Rutkowski
Sr. Web Designer & Developer

Joe has thirteen years of experience as a web developer and graphic designer, which include working with WEBGIO since 2002. His combination of a programmer's mindset and an artist's eye assure that websites look and function at their best. He has designed interfaces for a wide variety of users, from large private firms to local governments and small businesses. Joe's web development teams have received national and international recognition for their work.

Jeremy Regan
Sr. Web Designer

Jeremy's background in traditional illustration provides a unique perspective in helping clients bring their ideas to the web. While working as a freelance graphic designer for ten years and Art Director of a local e-commerce business the last three, Jeremy's handled a wide scope of projects including building SEO rich websites for individuals and small to large companies.

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